About Us

Founder | court interpreter

Abdurakhmanov Daler Kamilovich

Court interpreter at the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic

Czech sworn translator

Accredited Czech-Tajik court interpreter

Accredited Czech-Uzbek court interpreter

Member of the Chamber of Court Translators of the Czech Republic

Online center for certified translations CESOP

Our company performs judicial and official translations of all types of documents (legal and judicial documents, extracts from registers and registers, accounting and tax documents, identity documents and registration documents, patents, medical reports, civil status documents, certificates, diplomas and certificates ...), in more than 40 languages - from a foreign language and into a foreign language.

All court translations of documents performed by us can have an official (judicial) certification confirming the literalness and correctness of the text, as well as the officiality of the translation. We also provide the highest level of certification of documents (translations) - legalization, apostille or super-legalization. Documents with the highest level of certification meet the requirements of the receiving authorities of a given country regarding the procedure for certification of foreign documents. We perform legal translations of documents in standard and express terms.